Our mission is to educate the public on the humane treatment of animals and help make our community kinder by empowering children to see the significant relationship between humans, animals, and nature through public education and animal enrichment programs.

Since 2013, our volunteers have taught to more than 800 participants, creating a safer community for all people and animals. All educators are experienced working with children, professionally trained, and have passed a security background check.


Cooper's Chance is not a shelter, and we are not open to the public. All of our adoptable pets are placed into loving foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only.

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ACE Humane Education Program

The Animal Compassion and Enrichment (ACE) Program strives to help children ages 5-14 to develop and express empathy for all living things and increase their understanding of responsible animal stewardship. Our goal is to help make our community kinder while empowering our children to be responsible pet owners, which, in turn, will lead to increased adoptions and lower euthanasia rates within our county shelters. Our goal is to help make our community kinder while empowering children to be compassionate and responsible pet guardians.

ACE is built on positive reinforcement, combining a broad range of lessons, projects, and activities to engage and motivate the next generation of animal caregivers to make a positive difference in their community, while learning how to be compassionate pet guardians.

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ACE: Animal Compassion and Enrichment Program

Every child in our program is given an ACE badge, certificate of completion,

t-shirt and pet leash for participating in our program. We have two camps based on age, 5-9/10-14, both camps running simultaneously and each camp has activities covering a broad range of animal care and issues geared towards that age group. Sibling discounts are available!

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