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‚ÄčTruly, any amount helps. From $5 to $5000, it all benefits the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused and neglected animals. Cooper's Chance is an all volunteer organization, we depend on the generous donations of our supporters and the community to rescue and care for our animals. We do not receive any government funding. We make it easy to give; and you can designate where your funds are used, so be assured your generous donations are going to support a real cause. In addition to cash donations, we always need blankets, collars and food to keep our rescued pets warm, healthy and happy. See our Wishlist below, or if you have items to donate, we will be happy to pick them up!

Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue is a 501C3 Non Profit. All donations and gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Wish List

Our Wish List are the items most needed to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home our rescued animals. We are a no kill shelter; all animals stay in our care until a furever family finds them. Please consider donating items to help us give them a second chance.  We will be happy to pick up the items, please schedule a pick up below.

Support Our Cause!

Dog beds Any Size New or Clean, Gently Used

Food and Water Bowls Any Size

Raised food/water dishes for older and larger animals

Clean towels or linens - any size or color

Blankets, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags - any fabric

Flea and Tick preventative - any brand

Collars - buckle or snap - any color or size

Leashes - any kind - all lengths

Crates - plastic or wire - any size

Any brand unopened bags/cans of dog or cat food

Grooming equipment - shampoo - brushes

E pens, baby gates or folding barriers

Paper towels, trash bags, potty pads and newspaper

Vitamins, probiotics, natural supplements

Dog or cat treats - unopened - any brand

Dog toys, rope, Kong, tennis balls

Donate  Here

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. Donations can be made and are accepted through many Employer Matched Funds, Investment accounts such as Donor Advised Funds, or sign up for Monthly Recurring donations. Simply click the DONATE NOW button below to donate to any of our causes. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Safe and secure transactions. Thank you for your support. 

Donation Pick Up Form

Please fill out the form below for donation pick up, based on availability. We will email you to confirm pick up. Thank you.

Donation Pick Up

We offer donation pick up of gently used and new items from our wish list. If you are in the Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas, please fill out the donation Pick Up Form and we will contact you to confirm pick up availability.


Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue   501c3 Non Profit

DAF Direct makes it easier to support your favorite charities by giving directly from your donor-advised fund.