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We encourage you to do everything you can to keep your pet, or place it in a loving home. Surrendering your pet to a shelter limits its chances of being adopted. No kill shelters are not no kill; sick and injured animals may be euthanized. Animals that are surrendered to county shelters and humane societies do not have to be placed for adoption, your pet can be euthanized at any time without ever given the chance to be adopted. If you do re-home your pet, always charge a small re-homing fee of at least $50 to insure it is going to a good home, not sold to a research lab or used for dog fighting rings.   
Joining the program is free and easy. All we need is your contact information, pets bio and 2 pictures and your post will remain active for 30 days. Any interested adopters will be forwarded to you so you can contact them. Please update us if your pet has been re-homed. 

Cooper's Chance does not assume any responsibility for adoption, and is providing this as a courtesy service to match adoptable pets with interested parties. We cannot guarantee the results and accept no responsibility for animals posted on our sites.

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If you find yourself in a situation or life change where you must re-home your pet, our No Place Like Home program may be an alternative to surrendering your pet into a shelter. This program is designed to connect pet owners with potential adopters by providing a free courtesy post on our website and partner sites, reaching thousands of dog lovers nationwide. This program has helped many pet owners find safe, loving homes for their pets in need. 

No Place Like Home

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