Animal Training and Behavior

Having a pet can be a rewarding experience, but negative behaviors can make ownership difficult at times. Regardless of your pets age, if it is beginning to show signs of negative behavior, there is a reason. We recommend and encourage positive reinforcement training to help your pet be happy, healthy and balanced. If your pet is showing signs of aggression, fear, or anxiety due to a life change or disruption in routine, please take  a moment to learn the different methods that can be used to help your pet regain confidence and end the negative behavior.  



Animal Welfare - Report Animal Cruelty

Every state has animal cruelty laws. Animal abuse ends with enforcement of laws. If you believe you have witnessed animal abuse or know of an abusive situation, it is your obligation to report the abuse. The first step is to find out who is responsible for investigating and enforcing the anti-cruelty codes in your

town, county and/or state. These people typically work for your local humane organization, animal control agency, government funded animal shelter or police precinct. If you run into trouble finding the correct agency to contact, call your local police department. We have provided resources and links to assist you in identifying and reporting animal abuse. 


Community Resources

Community Outreach


If you are facing a life change and cannot continue to care for your pet, our No Place Like Home program may help. 


Your pets health is important, be sure you are getting the best. Find a quality, accredited vet in your area. 


Lost your pet? Found a stray animal? Lost Pet USA will assist you in finding your pet or getting the word out that you've found someone's companion. 

Humane Education 

Children have a natural interest in animals and that bond can be nurtured through humane education and compassionate animal care. We can stop the cycle of violence against animals by instilling empathy and humane ethics at every stage of development. Our ACE Humane Education Program provides children a place to learn responsible pet ownership and have compassion for all animals.


Low Cost Vet Care

Every pet deserves a healthy life, and affordable vet care is essential to giving your pet that care. There are many low cost vet care providers that can be found online and local shelters usually provide low cost vaccinations and spay/neuter clinics. Low cost vet services are also provided by Petsmart and Petco, check your local stores for information. 

is cost effective and available to the public in the following states:

Stray and Feral Animals

We cannot accept stray or found animals. All stray dogs must be surrendered to your local animal care and control or humane society. Cooper's Chance is located in Maricopa County, Arizona and must follow local regulations and laws. Maricopa county residents if you see a dog on the road, please call Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) at 602-506-PETS. MCACC does not pick up stray cats unless they have bitten someone. If you have been bitten by a cat, you must report it by calling 602-506-PETS. Most areas consider stray cats to be feral animals and will not pick them up. Check your local area for community trap and release programs for feral cats.  If you have an after-hours emergency, call your local police department.

No Place Like Home - Owner Surrender

If you find yourself in a situation or life change where you must re-home your pet, our No Place Like Home program may be an alternative to surrendering your pet into a shelter. Powered and provided by Adopt A pet and Petco, its free and easy to find a new home! 

Support Our Cause!


Universal look up tool enables the public, veterinarians, and humane organizations to search Pet Recovery Service registries and identify where that microchip is registered. 

Disaster Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency is important for you and your pet. You can help your pet by assembling an animal emergency supply kit and developing a pet care buddy system. Keep in mind that what's best for you is typically what's best for your animals. If you must evacuate, take your pets with you!


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