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Day Foster - Hiking with Hounds

Hiking With Hounds is our Day Foster program and provides animal lovers the opportunity to spend the day with a rescued pet without having to keep them overnight or provide additional time and care. We connect you with a foster dog in your area that is in need of some exercise and outdoor play. Why not borrow a rescued pet for your next hike, walk or run! 
If you are ready to make a difference and want to impact your community in a positive way, join our team today! Submit completed application using form provided below or email to The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to discuss the volunteer options you are interested in. Thank you for your support!

Helping paws needed...

Some of the volunteer positions within Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue require special training. Due to insurance reasons, not all volunteers will be allowed to handle animals. Special training and safety requirements are required when coming in contact with any of our animals. 

Administrative and Clerical Support

Emergency Rescue Team
Adoption Clinics, Public Education and Outreach Programs
Adoption events
Day foster and dog walking
Adoption meet and greets, home visits
Volunteer recruiting
Foster Care - Foster A Pet Program
Foster A Puppy - Foster Care Program
Second Chance Foster - Sick or Injured
Transportation / Transports to Vet Appt, Shelter Pick Up
Promotion / Marketing
Fundraising and Social Media Networking
Grant Writing and Documentation Preparation
Dog training and socialization
Vet Tech services
Veterinarian Services, Clinic Partner

Foster A Pet Requirements

Must be 18 years old

Must submit Foster A Pet Application(Use form below or email to

Phone interview and Home visit

Meet and greet with potential foster dog

24 hour settling in period prior to foster placement

Acceptance of foster dog

Foster A Pet Volunteer

We can't rescue without you. Safe, loving foster homes are essential to our rescue mission. Without them, we have no place for our rescued animals to go. By opening your heart and home to these animals, you are giving them a second chance in life. As a foster parent, all you need to give is shelter, love, time and a nurturing environment. We take care of the rest. 

The Foster A Pet Program is not only rewarding, but it's a great way to care for an animal without the long term commitment of ownership.  We offer many foster options and you will always have the opportunity to meet the rescued dog prior to foster placement. We tailor our program to meet the specific needs of your schedule and living environment. You are never obligated to foster a pet. 

If you are considering fostering a rescued pet, please take a moment to read our Foster FAQ for information on our program. Submit completed application using form provided below or email to

Support our mission in your community

Our rescue runs solely on the time and efforts of our volunteers. Skilled, dedicated volunteers are needed every day to help us with a wide variety of tasks and needs, including fundraisers and community events. Volunteering with us is easy and not to mention, rewarding. All of our volunteers are dedicated, loyal individuals who know that our rescue is making a difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals.

Youth Volunteer and Scout Projects

Our Youth Volunteer Program is for everyone who is 14-17 years old. We also offer a Scouts Project Program in which we will work with a Scout Troop in completing a community project. Please contact us for additional information on projects currently available for completion. If you are interested in volunteering and want to help rescued animals, you may volunteer with the consent and permission of your parents or legal guardian. Please fill out and submit a volunteer application to be considered for our Youth Volunteer Program.   

Cooper's Chance Community Team

An easy, but effective way to help our rescued pets find homes is through community outreach using printed flyers and social media. Create an "adopt me", "foster me" or "sponsor me" flyer of your favorite rescued pet and post them at local businesses with community boards such as coffee shops or pets stores. Share our adoptable pets on your social media pages and tag Cooper's Chance for a shout out! Reach out to your community and help save a life!

Volunteer Programs


Our mission. Your community. 

Support Our Cause!

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Submit completed application to Our Volunteer Coordinator  will contact you within 48 hours to discuss volunteer opportunities and foster options available. Thank you for opening your heart to a rescued pet!