The Live Release / Save Rate is calculated by dividing the Total Live Outcomes by the Total Outcomes, including Euthanized.

2018 We had 0 euthanasia or died in care for 100% Live/Save Rate.

Animal Animal Statistics and Live Release Rate

Every year we strive to improve our life saving efforts through innovative programs, local partnerships and community outreach. We are proud to achieve No Kill status since 2006 and will continue to be committed to no kill policies, helping to create a safer community for all. Animal Statistics provide the total number of intake and outcomes for the year. Live Release or Save Rate is the percentage of animals leaving the shelter alive no matter what their health or behavior status. This could be through adoption, return to owner or transfer.

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Cooper's Chance is not a shelter, and we are not open to the public. All of our adoptable pets are placed into loving foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only.

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Beginning Animal Count: 2
Intake Dogs: 260
Intake Cats: 0

Total Incoming: 260

Adoptions: 258
Transfer Out: 1

Total Outgoing: 259

Ending Shelter Count: 3

Beg/End shelter count includes dogs that are awaiting adoption.

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Animal Statistics and Live Release Rate