The Dignity Fund gives abandoned seniors and terminally ill pets end of life hospice care with peace and dignity. Through this program, hospice pets receive one on one, private, personal care provided by a compassionate foster and in home veterinarian. Funds provide in home hospice care, food, shelter, and warm bed to an ill or aged pet. And when needed, at home euthanasia so we are there to hold a paw to help them cross over with peace and dignity.

Animal Relief Fund provides immediate pet food, shelter and medical care to animals displaced by natural disasters. We work directly with shelters and non profit organizations to collect and deliver supplies and give hope to pet parents during their ultimate time of need.

Second Chance Fund

Several months of healing and plastic surgery repaired some of the physical damage, but every time I look in the mirror, I am reminded of my ignorance, and the lack of training I had to rehabilitate my companion. Because of that, I made it my mission to create a rescue that focuses on the rehabilitation of the animal, not just adoption. Every member of our organization is dedicated to giving our rescued pets the chance they deserve;  Cooper's chance.

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Why we rescue. Cooper's Story

Shannon Steemke, Founder and President

Cooper was my beloved dog, rescued from Maricopa County Animal Control in Mesa, Arizona in October 1998. She was sick with kennel cough, underweight and obvious signs of abuse, the county shelter had no room for a dog so unlikely to be adopted. Scheduled for euthanasia, she deserved a chance, she deserved a home. I thought I could give her that home; a safe place to heal from the abuse and neglect. From the beginning she showed behavioral issues; fear biting, dog aggression and separation anxiety. She was given the best care, affection, treats and toys, but her spirit was never repaired. No amount of love can take away years of abuse. Several years later, unprovoked, she attacked me, biting off the top portion of my left ear. In disbelief, I was rushed to the hospital for surgery, and Cooper was removed from the home... 
A senseless tragedy that could have been prevented with proper rehabilitation.


Welcome to Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue. We are a green focused, 501c3 nonprofit, no kill animal rescue established in 2006. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and neglected animals. We are dedicated to the welfare of these animals and the gentle eco system that we share. We also educate the public on humane and responsible pet ownership through nonprofit partnerships, public education programs and grass root efforts within communities. 
Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue was started in 2006 by our Founder and President, Shannon Steemke after a tragedy involving her beloved dog, Cooper. Every year thousands of shelter dogs are adopted by loving families, hoping to give them a safe place to call home. But because of issues from abuse and neglect, those animals never receive the proper rehabilitation to cure their fears. Most pet owners do not know the how to train their shelter dog, and some issues continue to grow, until they are bigger than the owner can handle. And those dogs are often returned to the shelter, only to be euthanized, and never getting the help they need. 

Our Mission

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Pawsitive Beginnings And Rehabilitation

The Second Chance Medical Fund (SCMF) is the lifesaving funds used by our Emergency Rescue Team to save abused and neglected animals within the community and shelters. Homeless pets rescued through the SCMF are in dire need of immediate medical treatment and would otherwise be euthanized if not rescued. This important, grass root, all volunteer program relies on donations to respond, rescue and rehabilitate second chance animals. Funds provide the medical treatment needed to save a homeless pets life in an emergency, giving it a second chance.

Animals In Disaster Relief Fund

Partners In Rescue.

Compassionate Cupboard Pet Food Pantry

Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue   501c3 Non Profit

One Way Road To Rescue Transport

All of our rescued animals come from county shelters, humane societies or are abandoned, injured or in need of special care. Through our partnerships with animal shelters, humane organizations and community outreach groups we work together to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home over 250 animals per year.  

Cooper's Chance rescues those dogs and focuses our efforts on the rehabilitation of the animal, to give them the best chance at a new life. 

Pawsitive Beginnings Puppy Rehabilitation Program rescues abandoned puppies and homeless mothers with nursing litters from shelters, moments from euthanasia and places them into loving foster homes where they can raise their families and receive the training and medical treatment necessary to give both momma and her puppies a second chance at life. All puppies graduate from our Puppy Training course prior to adoption, and momma receives rehabilitation to be adopted. Funds provide the vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, wellness exams, training, food, and shelter until they are adopted by forever families.

How we rescue.  Our Rescue Programs

In memory of Cooper

The Dignity Fund

The Compassionate Cupboard is a pet food pantry that provides pet food to low income, elderly, homeless and domestic violence families who cannot afford to feed their pet or are in transition and need temporary assistance. We work closely with community organizations to provide pet food and pet services to families in crisis so they do not have to surrender their beloved pet. Funds provide pet food for dogs, cats and small animals, including supplies, and low cost vaccinations.

There's only one way to rescue and its through our transport program! Our rescued animals come from all corners of the Southwest and freedom rides are essential to getting rescued pets from the shelter to safety. All transports are completed by dedicated volunteers, using their own vehicles and time. Funds are used for transport costs, and maintaining best practices. We are also raising funds for a cargo van of our very own!